Friday, July 2, 2010

Sat Nite Special

see this yucky brown drawer, the whole cabinet was like this, before i painted and painted and painted (i used heaps of paint) it white, or or Antique White USA, to be exact. It just kept on soaking it up, and the brown would bleed through, anyway it eventually stopped bleeding through, and i put the final coat on. I changed all the hardware, and this is what i got, i love it even though i'm not sure what it was originally used for. The top lifts up and there is a storage space a bit like a desk i suppose, and the big piece above the 3 drawers drops down, and there is a huge storage space in there, it is old, not sure how old 1940's i think, i got it at the op shop for $20. bargain. It now sits on my veranda and it is full of art supplies for my grand daughter Madison, she's 3 and very into doing craft with her Ya Ya, and we have so much fun!!

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