Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I,m Back again

Well we just won't mention the time frame shall we? A lot going on at the moment, and one of the amazing things happening is a new business venture with my very lovely and sweet friend Kris, this is our new Etsy shop, go and check it out we have some delicious goodies for sale http://www.etsy.com/shop/ClaraBowsTeaParty. We have been busy setting things up, still a little bit to go, and we will be all finished.
Remember the car accident i had in September last year the week before my daughters wedding?? Well the results of that are all about to catch up with me, i am having surgery on my Right shoulder on Thursday, so i am off work for 6 weeks, so that will mean more posts, (maybe) i have 2 huge assignments due at the end ofg this month, and only one hand to type with, so we will see what happens, maybe even some photos to share, take care my lovely friends, Amanda