Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First Blog

Hi , my name is Amanda and this is my first blog entry. I have been blog reading for quite some time, and finally plucked up the courage to start my own, with lots of encouragement from my very good friend Kris at Ruby St. Designs, (check it out OMG she has amazingly beautiful stuff). A bit about me i suppose would be good, i have 3 adult children and 1 beautiful grandaughter who is 2 1/2. No. 1 daughter is getting married to No. 1 son-in-law in Sept school hols (she is a school teacher), having her sister (No. 2 daughter) as bridesmaid and Miss Moo as her flower girl. No.1 son has a lovely partner who is also a teacher, Miss E. and they have recently bought their first house. I am very happily single and live with my little yorkie Lily, she is sooo sweet, i love her to bits, i rescued her from the animal shelter about 2 years ago.
I am a nurse, and am studying for my Degree at Uni as well as working 4 days a week, i look after miss moo 1 day a week as well. I will finish my Degree next June, so my time at the moment is very limited, so post may be few and far between. I am on Hols at the moment, and having a ball. Have been Op shopping (good will if you are in the states) this week and found some great bargins. will post some before and afters tomorrow, see ya xx A.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Well hello blog world, im here! its taken me a while and i do so enjoy reading other peoples blogs, and i resisted for such a long time but here i am. Now what to talk about, hmmm let me see, i have been working on a chest of drawers i got at the op shop (good will store if you are from the US), at $25.00 it was a bargin, but very very ugly, so i have started stripping the paint off, these are the before photos, i will post the afters when i have finished. tomorrow night i am going to help my very good friend Kris sort out her studio, and set it all up, and tonight i am off to the circus, so see you next time, mandyxx

Thursday, June 11, 2009

First Post

this is my very first post, i have no idea what to talk about, my life is quite boring. The weather, oh yeah thats always a good start to a conversation, well i live in Cairns, Aust. and the weather is absolutely glorious at the moment, so glad its not summer.
i have just added a shelfari book thingy, with books i love and i have just realised most of them are about the south, in the US, which i hope to someday visit, i just love anything to do with the south.
I read a lot of blogs from the south as well and they have some great tips on renovating or doing up old/antique furniture, which they seem to have some magnificent pieces, at such ridiculously cheap prices, so i went to my local Op shop, or Goodwill if you come from the states, and found me a cheap, (for Aus) chest of drawers for $25.00. i had started to strip the paint off before i remembered to take before and after photos, so here is a bit of before, but you should get the idea of how ugly it was. i havent finished it yet will post after shots when i have. Well not bad for nothing to say, till next post, see ya. mandy