Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good News

I have just had the best news, my friend Elise has had her surgery and everything went well. So far everything is looking good, no side effects from the surgery, and she will only need to have 6 months off from work, it sound like a long time but for a while there it was looking like she would never work again, and she is such a good nurse. Thankyou to everyone for all your prayers and good wishes. Amanda

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Friend

I just got some really bad news, my lovely beautiful friend Elise, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, she sees the neuro surgeon tomorrow, are all hoping and praying that it will be removed and no side effects, which is a very high possibility. It makes the diagnosis worse when you are a nurse (we both are), as you know exactly what can go wrong, and all the side effects from a brain tumor, and the surgery is very delicate and risky. She has a little boy who is 8 and an adoring husband, so please if you are of the praying kind please say a prayer for my friend Elise, she is such a beautiful person, inside and out... thankyou Amanda

some projects

Well i really enjoyed Marie's Heirloom Party,such gorgeous heirlooms everyone has, but the best part about them is the memories, every time i walk past my gram's old singer treadle i think of her and all the treasures she used to make me on it.
i have included some pics of projects i have just completed in my minimal spare time, (i was on holidays from Uni, but back now), the lamp i painted a nice red/pink, i'm not quite happy with the shade, i think it needs some fabric the same colour as the base, maybe a bow around the little bitty thing at the top. There are before and after photos, i got the lamp shade at the op shop (goodwill)for $2.00, just love the shape.The little plate thingos i have been making for quite a while, from op shop plates and glasses, just glued on, and some beading glued on to the plate, and there you have it. Not much happening on this side of the world, but i would just like to say i have met the most lovely people through blogging, i wish i started earlier.
talk soon, Amanda