Monday, September 14, 2009

comes in threes

Its been a little while since i last posted, but lots has happened. THE Wedding is getting closer, 9 more days before we fly down to Brisbane. Like my tittle of this post? Well let me tell you about it, first my newish front loader washing machine(just out of warranty) breaks, the guy comes to fix it, (3 hours late) charges $68 to tell me he can't fix it i need to buy a new one, i was upset, but if i knew what was next i might not have been. I had just spent a quick morning in town Op shopping got a great little load, some lovely Alfred Meakin china, amongst a lot of other goodies, feeling very pleased with myself, i was driving home thinking i would love a cup of tea, i think i will sit out on the veranda and have it when i get home, when i look in my side mirror and to my horror i see the gigantic truck with huge trailer, is coming into my lane on top of me, and to make matters worse we were on the middle of a huge bridge over a very wide and deep crocodile infested river. Well of course he hit me, i spun around in my lovely little 3 yo black car several times, all i could think of was 'this is it, i am going into the river, this is the end'. I ended up against the rails,which thank the Lord, did not give way, i was travelling at 80 km/hr so i hit it with a lot of force. Without all the gory details i was eventually cleared by my colleagues at work, given some great pain relief, and allowed to go home, very bruised and battered but SO SO SO greatful to be alive, alas my poor car is a complete write off, and all my lovely china is smashed to pieces, a small price to pay i think. I am sitting here typing with a very sore cut grazed and bruised right arm, neck and chest from seat belt and air bags, thinking thank God i didn't have Madi in the car with me, as i so often do. SO i am waiting for no. 3 to happen........ Please everyone drive carefully and LOOK carefully in your mirrors before changing lanes, Truck Drivers take note. Amandaxx