Saturday, October 24, 2009

new buffet

Well its been a long time between posts. The good news is i have a brand new car, provided by the insurance co., thankyou very much!! The wedding photos are beautiful, my Jade looked abosolutely stunning, and her sister skye the bridesmaid, just as beautiful, in a different way, and of course my grandaughter Madison was the sweetest thing, but it was all too much for her and mummy ended up carrying her down the isle, but she recovered quickly for the reception!!
Now to the new Buffet, well as i am new to blogging i very foolishly didn't take a before photo, let me just say it was covered in thick pale green oil based paint, which took me weeks to sand off. And this is for Diann, this is her lovely Etsy shop,
trimsandtrappings and this is her highly entertaining blog, she has the most divine fabrics and sooo reasonably priced, when i purchased my fabric she wanted to see what i did with it, so here is a start, i have more ideas up my sleeve, just waiting for Uni to finish, then i will be right on to it.
talk soon (or later) Amanda

PS These are some of the beautiful photos of the bride and groom and bridesmaid and flowergirl.